A Family of Musicians

The hallmark of the Chargers Marching Band is the family atmosphere that has enabled it to become one of the fastest growing collegiate marching bands in the country.

In less than 10 years, the band has grown from 20 members to 270. And what makes this collection of musicians most unique is the number of majors and disciplines. Aspiring law enforcement professionals play alongside the next generation of engineers and future members of the C-suite. Their shared passion for making music is what creates lifelong connections.

In addition to the marching band, students are often active in one of other many ensembles.

  • Concert Band – A traditional performance ensemble consisting of members of the woodwind, brass, and percussion families of instruments
  • African Drumming – Drums are the musical instrument that African music relies heavily upon to create a fast-paced, upbeat, rhythmic beat
  • Jazz Band – Create the distinctive sounds of a musical genre known for its flair and improvisation
  • Brazilian Samba Drumming – Play the tamborim, snare drum or surdo, among other instruments, to create the rhythm and tempo of Samba, one of the most valued cultural expressions of Brazil
  • Charger Pep Band – The Pep Band is a group of fun-loving students who play at both basketball and volleyball games.