Aneisha Green ’20

English Major, Aneisha Green

Writing Offers Outlet for Creative Expression

Growing up, Aneisha Green ’20 says her favorite thing to do was to write.

“At 8 years old I was typing multiple-paged stories with the dreams of potentially becoming published,” she says.

Today, she is pursuing her passion as an English major with a minor in creative writing.

Creative writing has opened up a door to the freedom of creative expression.

“Some of my favorite memories as a student include times in Dr. Horton’s class where he simply gave us a lucid prompt and the freedom to expound upon it. It was in these instances that my creativity flourished and I began to hone my gift even more.” 

Green, who plans to pursue a master’s degree in education, says the writing courses she has taken have enabled her to develop the ability to write in various formats beside prose.

“Creative writing has opened up a door to the freedom of creative expression and has challenged me as well,” she says. “Instead of writing with comfortability in mind, I now feel the pressure to go above my former threshold and to raise the bar.” 

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