Randall Horton, Ph.D.


Randall Horton

Assistant Professor

A self-described prisoner turned professor, Dr. Horton never knew he had a talent for writing, until he was incarcerated after being convicted of being an international cocaine smuggler. He chronicled his downfall, his rise, and his ultimate redemption in his awarding-winning “Hook: A Memoir.”

“I became involved with a group therapy session at the Department of Human and Human Services,” he recalls.  “I was required to write essays every night based on writing prompts given that day. Many of these prompts asked deep, meaningful questions about behavior and responsibility, and I tried to answer them honestly. Writing those essays taught me the power of language.” 

He has received the Bea Gonzalez Poetry Award and a National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship in Literature.

“My life trajectory has differed from most people’s,” Horton says. “I wrote the book because of that and because I knew there are individuals within our society who needed to hear my story, to understand that a person can overcome difficult circumstances caused by bad decision making.”

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